Evaluate the functional, technical and organization structures of your organization


Relate existing procedures to industry best practises and "rethink" the business


Assist in implementing an enhanced strategy and reworked procedures to help you achieve your goals

Travel Dynamix A changing market calls for flexible, adaptive strategies and a cost-efficient approach.
Oricon's "Travel Dynamix" is exactly that: a full strategic analysis of your organization's key domains, ranging from front-desk handling, order-intake to the more complex back-office processes such as finance and reporting.

Our strategic consultants, using our "Travel Dynamix" approach will audit your organization, focusing on functional, technical and organizational aspects, and create a gap-analysis between your organization's plan for growth and the assets found currently in your environment.

We'll look closely at industry best practices and see how they can be applied in your organization. We'll utilize our vast experience in the travel arena to rethink your business processes and optimize these for the future, so you can focus on your core business: selling travel.

Furthermore, as we have the technology experts in-house, we can quickly advise on the best IT platform to maintain your growth, but at the same time, be more flexible to cope with the challenges the dynamic travel industry is facing.

Want to learn more? If you want to learn more on how Oricon's Travel Dynamix can help you and your organisation, get in touch with us and we'll show you how you can unlock your organization's full potential